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This website is for the publication and exchange of information about the history of lascars.
i.e. the forgotten Asian, African and other 'foreign' seamen serving on British ships.
last updated Sunday 13th July, 2003.

The P & O Mongolia (1923-1938) - click image to enlarge

Habiboola Ahamdeen (serang) May 1920 
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Notes and articles

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  • Notes on Ranks, British and Lascar name translations
  • Lascars in the Port of London 1931
  • A Pattern of Loyalty - Article about lascars in Port Of London Authority Monthly - Dec 1957
  • Our Asian Crews - P. & O article
  • Report on Lascars P & O - Board of Directors 1900
  • Some of the Lascar personalities serving on P & O ships in 1960
  • A short description of Lascars from Mitton book on steamship lines 1913 
  • Mohammed Saudager alias Saudager Habeboola 1936-1952
  • List of P & O passenger ships.
  • Lascars during World War II extract from "The Merchant Seamen's War - Sons Of Empire" 
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